What we do

Tribeca has a team of founding partners, and a lean management team made up of reputable professionals from the real estate and financial industry. Together, we garner many years of experience, spanning practically every advisory aspect of real estate asset management, value creation, investment and new business creation. Tribeca’s core focus includes:

  • Procuring property
  • Corporate investments
  • Property asset management
  • Planning, development & project management
  • Debt funding
  • Marketing
  • Branding

Tribeca goes far beyond the limitations of being just a property developer, as we take into account the investment and value creation possibilities that exist in the real estate industry. It’s a macro view that examines the requirements of investors, partners, buyers, and everyone else in between. Our business model can be divided into three categories:

Traditional Real Estate Investment

We are constantly on the look out for land banks and existing property assets that either has the potential to appreciate in value in the future, or are already strategically positioned in high net worth locations. These investment portfolios have the potential to generate premium rentals or purchase prices that in turn sustain the company’s revenue to reinvest and grow.

Acquisitions & Rebranding

Professionals in these areas provide in-depth research and feasibility studies to advise clients on acquisitions where Tribeca provides innovative strategies to manage the assets. In addition, marketing and branding consultants recommend creative concepts to rebrand existing buildings to rejuvenate and recreate value, interest and engagement.

Non-traditional Real Estate Investment

Tribeca has an advisory arm that specifically focuses on appreciating the real estate asset value of companies in the real estate industry, as well as businesses that have sizable and potentially appreciable real estate assets. We are able to offer this service based on our experience of corporate structures, the assets and the stock market.

New Business Creation

Tribeca is an alchemist that has the expertise to turn new business ideas into a success, almost magically. Our focus extends beyond real estate and encompasses new business concepts, where the market is still unexplored, but has the potential to grow and expand. We have a flexible, and open-minded approach to new business ideas in all areas.

How we work

Tribeca works on an investment model that we call ‘Calculated Possibilities’. What this means is that we don’t leave anything to chance. Every investment considered for the company itself, our clients and partners go through detailed feasibility and financial studies, even before our experience is taken into account.

Our work ethic is based on integrity, accountability, responsibility and creativity. This means that every project is looked at based on its own merits, its possibility to appreciate in value, liquid assets, and other financials.

The real estate experience that the management team at Tribeca garners, places us in an enviable position. We have first-hand, insider access to market trends, opportunities and the next growth areas, which enables us to act with speed, flexibility and agility.

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

The world of business is all about building a network of like-minded partnerships to enable all parties to benefit from capital growth. Tribeca understands the importance of this and works together with a wide range of high net worth companies and individuals in the real estate industry, as well as other corporations that hold substantial real estate assets.

These partnerships add another dimension in terms of knowledge, experience and capital funding, to enable Tribeca to embark on mega projects.